18 Apr

I woke up this morning with the fear of not having a genetically related child.

The urologist has given a 90% chance of being able to find sperm in my partner through the TESE or PESA procedure. 90% odds in the fertility game are VERY high though, and I am crossing my fingers each and every day.


Here I go again!

18 Apr

Here I go again. I’ve started numerous blogs since meeting the great WWW in the early 2000s, but this one is just for me. I’ll be so happy other eyes pass over my words and find some use in them, but if not, I’m okay with that as well!

For starters, I’m here to chronicle my weight loss efforts leading up to IVF. I currently weigh about 179 pounds, and am about 5 foot 6. My partner and I will be using IVF to start our family due to a genetic condition which has caused azoospermia. My BMI is definitely within the acceptable ranges, and none of the doctors have mentioned my weight as an issue, but I’ve read enough studies that I see that in general, women with “healthy” weight BMI’s tend to respond better to IVF treatment. I also have my own reasons for wanting to lose weight which are very vain: to be able to fit into a better variety of clothing, for my partner to continue to be excited about my weight loss, and also because I’d rather start a pregnancy from a lower weight.

Within the last 9 months, I’ve gone from 206 pounds to 179 pounds, and I know what works for me. For the last 4 months or so, I’ve really slacked off due to a few different factors, and am ready to start up again.

My plan for now: 

Use MyNetDiary to track calories and plan my daily intake, as well as any calories burned through exercise

Current calorie goal is about 1400 per day, and I will adjust it accordingly.

I hope to ride my bike for at least 20 minutes on non-rainy days, and on other days will spend at least 30 minutes at the gym. 


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